Edwina And the Seven Snowed-In Scientists (M/F/MMMMMM)

Title: Edwina and the Seven Snowed in Scientists
Author: Rachel Clark
Genre: Paranormal, Shape-Shifter, Menage a Trois/Quatre

Rating: 2.5/5

Oh, good Lord. Here we go, folks: Antarctic helicopter pilot Edwina SomethingOrOtherPrissyPants has to transport these two scientists with white hair to this research center, but then the plane goes down because her dumb boss is trying to kill her, and it turns out that the two scientist brothers have five other brothers AND THEY ARE ALL ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN WITH BIG HUMAN COCKS.

And they all decide they want a piece of Edwina. They save her from hypothermia by stripping her wet clothes off so she is perfectly naked, transforming into yetis and then walking across the tundra with her tucked against their sides, passing her off like a bag of potatoes every so often.

None of them can stand to be around her without sprouting massive erections, and everyone decides to be in love with everyone else within, like, the course of two hours, and suddenly they can all read each others’ minds, and Edwina is worried about being attracted to all of them because that seems kind of slutty.

And she’s always angry and sarcastic and bratty, because that is what passes as a ‘strong, independent’ woman, apparently.


Yetis, you guys. This woman fucks not one, not two, not even three, but seven yetis.

Still, what a novel to start off with, huh? It was really entertaining just for the WTF factors of the Antarctic, this bratty woman that we’re supposed to be rooting for because she’s strong and independent, and these SEVEN YETI BROTHERS WITH MASSIVE RAGING ERECTIONS ALL THE TIME. It’s not the most elegantly or even tightly written book – lots of mechanics issues, and the dialogue is just lame at a couple points, but still.

It’s fun. Read it for the LOLz because, seriously, again, yetis.



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